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Teeth Whitening Q&A

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What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic dental procedure that you can get without altering the shape, size, or position of your teeth. While teeth whitening kits are available at the drugstore, they can’t compare to those offered at South Coast Dental. With professional teeth whitening, you can see a big difference after a single whitening session. 
Whitening procedures fight all kinds of stains related to the foods, drinks, and other substances that you consume. Lots of stains and discoloration, called extrinsic stains, are the result of the pigment of such substances getting stuck in your enamel. Teeth whitening reduces extrinsic staining from:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Berries
  • Beets
  • Tobacco
  • Dark sodas

Another kind of staining, called intrinsic staining, doesn’t respond as well to whitening treatments. These stains affect the dentin of your teeth and typically appear gray in color. If you have a gray tooth, you’re better off covering it with a veneer than repeatedly attempting to whiten it.

What can I expect during teeth whitening?

At South Coast Dental, Dr. Bashawaty provides several options for whitening your teeth. You may choose:
Philips® Zoom! in-office power bleaching
Power bleaching happens in the office at South Coast Dental. Dr. Bashawaty scrubs your teeth to remove plaque and provide a clean surface for the bleach. He places a protective covering over your gums, then applies the bleach for about 20 minutes. He uses a blue light to expedite the process, then repeats the process after removing the first bleach application.  Philips Zoom! whitening trays
With Philips Zoom! whitening trays, you can reach professional-level whitening at your leisure. Dr. Bashawaty takes impressions of your teeth. These impressions are used to create whitening trays that fit over your teeth seamlessly. Your kit includes your trays and several syringes full of a bleaching product that you can use to fill them. Depending on the strength of bleach you decide to get, you can wear your trays for just 30 minutes per day or for several hours overnight.

How much whiter will my teeth get?

Generally, professional teeth whitening allows you to whiten your teeth by three to eight shades. Everyone’s teeth react differently, and your results depend largely on the starting shade of your teeth. Dr. Bashawaty can give you a more accurate idea of your anticipated results during your teeth whitening consultation.
If you’d like to explore teeth whitening for your own smile, call South Coast Dental or request an appointment online today.

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