Digital X-Rays

What are digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays are a convenient imaging method used to view the inner structures of your mouth. Like traditional X-rays, digital X-rays provide a view of your teeth, their roots, and the bones in your jaw. The difference comes through the use of an electronic sensor to capture the image and transfer the image directly to a computer.

Dr. Bashawaty can expand and manipulate the image from your digital X-ray for a close-up view of your teeth. This helps him detect issues quickly and easily. Additionally, digital X-rays emit up to 90% less radiation than the traditional method, so you can feel safe and certain about your imaging procedure. Still, Dr. Bashawaty only recommends an X-ray when he finds it necessary for your diagnosis or to aid in your treatment.

What are CT scans?

You may be familiar with CT scans in the medical field as another mode of imaging. South Coast dental uses CT scans for a more comprehensive view of your bones and tissues than a digital X-ray can provide. The resulting image is crystal clear, three dimensional, and easy to move and manipulate on-screen.

During a dental CT scan, you must wear a heavy lead vest and remove any jewelry that you wore to your appointment. The CT device moves around your head and takes a series of images that are combined to create the detailed image you see on the screen. With these images, Dr. our team will be able plan your treatment precisely and accurately.

When does my treatment require digital X-rays and CT scans?

Both digital X-rays and CT scans can provide valuable information for Dr. Bashawaty and the team to use during your treatment. He may recommend a digital X-ray for one or more of these purposes:

- Finding cysts and abscesses

- Evaluating bone loss

- Viewing the positions of your teeth and their roots

- Viewing problems inside your teeth

- Viewing problems beneath the gum line